How to Add Grip to Flip Flops

Posted:  August 18, 2018
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I know I am not the only one that has had this problem: your favorite pair of flip flops (or thongs if you prefer) get worn down to the point where there is no grip, and nearly every surface becomes a slip and slide. I don’t know about you guys, but I was sick of almost falling down our docks gangway that was lined with non-skid, so I took matters into my own hands.

I am cheap, I admit. So instead of throwing away my otherwise perfectly good Reef flip flops, I decided to get a little crafty and fix the problem and to think, all I needed was a hot glue gun like this one: click here. It was so simple, and now I don’t end up sliding everywhere I go! Take a gander at my little fix-it project below, and be sure to follow us on Instagram!

How to Add Tread to Old Flip Flops

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