One Ice Maker Short of a “Mega Yacht” – Testing the HAVA Mini Dishwasher

Posted:  May 10, 2021
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Living on a sailboat has been a wonderful experience that I wouldn’t trade for anything, however, there are times Chris and I often discuss the “luxuries” we miss from land life. I sincerely miss having a bathtub, but no matter how many examples I show Chris of soaking tubs carefully crafted into well suited cruising boats he reminds me the water is to remain outside of the boat, and once in warmer waters I won’t be longing for a bubble bath any longer. I suppose he is right with his ability to think critically into the long-term plan, but unlike his failure to entertain fulfilling my luxury-wish-list-item, when he told me he missed having a dishwasher I acted quick.

HAVA is a global lifestyle brand dedicated to innovation, aiming to solve real-world problems and improve quality of life for families worldwide. Their HAVA TDQR01 Compact Countertop Dishwasher caught my attention with its small, sleek design. When HAVA contacted me and asked if we would be willing to give the unit a try I was ecstatic! The washer supports 5 wash cycles to satisfy all your needs from dishwashing to fruit sanitization and relatively takes up minimal space meaning it was the perfect candidate to introduce luxury aboard Avocet and surprise Chris- even if temporary. 

The dishwasher was quick to unpackage and simple to set up, especially with the option to utilize the clever water tank that prevents you from having to connect a hose to the unit (which is an additional option). The drain hose has a suction cup that sticks to the inside of our sink, keeping it in place while the used-sudsy water expels itself from the washer. Although it is technically a small unit, it was still relatively large for our newly remodeled galley. Regardless of size I was eager to give it a try, and Chris was too when he discovered that like a genie I made his wish come true.

Absolutely enchanted by the water witchcraft happening inside, Chris and I had our eyes glued to the glass front of the machine as it went through its “Normal” wash setting, washing the small amount of dishes we had, while our sink sat empty and our dish sponge dry. About an hour later our dishes were scrubbed clean and completely dry, ready for us to put away. We were both impressed by this little unit, and tempted to find a more permanent space for it as a but knew that the unit’s future was not with us, aboard Avocet

Unfortunately for us the unit is a bit too large for our lifestyle, especially on the hook. Even though this dishwasher will not work for us long term, we can see it being perfect for a tiny home, camper, RV, dorm room, powerboat, or even a larger sailboat! Overall Chris and I think that Hava did a great job with this product and look forward to seeing what else they create in the near future; if they make a tiny washing machine we are all in. Even though this little dishwasher will be finding a new home we will enjoy it while we can and cherish this memory of “luxury” forever. 

Thank you to our friends at Hava that sent us this unit to test, it was a lot of fun to feel “fancy” for a bit! If you are interested in introducing some luxury into your alternative/tiny life, check out Hava Lab, right now you can get this unit at a discount using our code: 10%OFF , click HERE

Enjoy this EXCLUSIVE review video that is only accessible through the private view link 🙂





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  1. Douglars

    Commercial review…. Seems out of character.

    • SV Avocet

      As mentioned in the post it was sent to us to review. Seemed like a cool opportunity! Since this content doesn’t really belong on our YouTube channel we have it listed privately so anyone with a link can view it, but it isn’t open for the public.

  2. Mary

    What was the power consumption? Thanks!


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