Fire and Farewells

Posted:  May 5, 2024
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At the time of writing this, many of our friends are already halfway across the pacific ocean, while we are sitting right where they left us, but I’m not complaining. When I think back on our final weeks together it is hard to create a cohesive timeline since all of the days of dancing, singing, and enjoying eachothers company all blurs together in the most beautiful way… or maybe it is just the lack of sleep catching up to me. 

Last year Chris was eager to leave La Cruz and make our break for the Sea of Cortez after years of dreaming about its crystal clear waters, scenic anchorages and solitude. But, while trying to leave Isla Isabel our engine decided to stop working which led us to limping back to La Cruz where we licked our wounds. Because of Chris’s mad dash north, we missed out on the easter festivities such as watching a paper mache judas burn in the town square… and I would be damned if I missed such a show this time around!

Semana Santa (spring break/easter) coincided with the last big hoorah for the Pacific Puddle jumpers and those sailing north to Mazatlan for the total eclipse, giving us one last opportunity to hang out with our pals. In my opinion, the “last chance to dance” bonfire and pirate party at Lusty’s were just pregame’s for the big Judas burning event which definitely didn’t disappoint – as the last C4 explosion went off from his burning body i was crying laughing and just overcome with joy to have witnessed such a fun and silly event. As the clock got closer to morning, Chris reminded me it was time to leave. We were sailing to Mazatlan in the morning and needed all the rest we could get. 


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As we made our rounds to hug our friends from Calico Skies and Kiana, I handed them each an envelope filled with my well wishes, hugging them tight and promising to see eachother again “soon” wherever and whenever soon may be. Peter walked us back to the dock, soaking up our final moments together. We made it to Kessel where Winglet was tied, and the weight of it all hit me. I pulled Peter in for a hug. “Do good, be safe, we love you” I said as I cried into his shoulder. 

Lusty on Land

Lusty on Land, 2024

We had been buddy boats since leaving Ventura in 2023 (with a short engine induced hiatus between Feb – March), and had then made more memories in Central California where life events made us much closer friends. He helped us christen Runaground Ranch with the first projects, and then kicked off the 2024 cruising season with us sailing down from Peñasco, all leading up to this one last “see you later” which was much different than the others – because we didn’t know when we would see Peter again. It could be six months, or years and that thought alone made my heart drop. He promised that I was irreplaceable, kissed my forehead, and gave me one last big squeeze before Chris swooped in for his turn – minus the forehead kiss. We are a family, and no matter how far we sail from each other, we will always be there to cheer each other on (in spirit and through Starlink!) As we motored away in Winglet, Peter stood on the end of the dock finger watching us fade into the night. He was about to embark on potentially the biggest journey of his life, and we couldn’t be more proud of him. 

Peter, SV Kessel

Adios, Peter!

The following morning we set our course for Mazatlan and sailed our way out of Banderas Bay towards a new kind of adventure… and party. This time with some old faces, new faces, and most importantly of all: solar phases. 

Admittedly, I asked Chat GPT for its help writing this blog post since all of my notes (like my memories) were jumbled. What it came up was largely unusable, but this one piece sums it up perfectly: Our bond, forged through shared adventures and mutual support, transcends the distance that now separates us. As we bid farewell to dear friends, we carry with us the promise of reunions on distant shores, united by the unbreakable bonds of friendship and the shared love of the sea.

Fair winds,

Marissa (and Chris and Cleo)



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