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Posted:  July 10, 2018
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Hi there!

Welcome to our blog! We are the crew of Avocet, a Cheoy Lee 41 built in 1979. After a lot of thought, we decided to create a blog to post about our learning experiences, projects, and most importantly our adventures as husband, wife and cat! Join us as we explore the crazy world of sailing. Cheers!


Admiral Marissa, Captain Chris, and Avocet in the background. (not pictured: deck paw Cleo)



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  1. Paul Graeber

    found your channel through another channel. Most channels start with who, what, when, and why. I do not really see that info anywhere nor a boat tour. Like the channel, have subscribed but want some background.

    • SV Avocet

      Hey Paul! First of all welcome aboard! We appreciate you taking the time to find our website and write us and are flattered that you want to know more about us. We will be doing a proper introduction to “us” and our boat when we actually go cruising. All of our videos are in the “Cruising Prelude” playlist for a reason. We will be doing a boat tour once our major refits and projects are completed and aim to be escaping the breakwater by SPring 2021 and producing higher quality, Nat-AGeo-esque videos chalk full of cruising info, location and anchoring details as well as flora, fauna and location based history. We hope you continue to enjoy the prelude as we prepare for much more soon! Until then check out our Q+A Video that covers a lot of your questions:


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